Photo albums on iOS devices

Keeping photos organized on your iOS devices is a simple task, and only takes a subtle change to your photo taking workflow. If I were in the field, I would have an album for the job requiring photos, and you will see why if you try this out.

Albums are great for 3 main reasons:

  • Searching labels makes it much quicker finding photos
  • Easier to bulk delete photos from your phone when they are no longer needed
  • Simpler to load photos in apps such as Procore, PowerApps, iCloud shared albums


Create an album to label your photos

  1. Photos > Albums > + (plus sign)
  2. Give the album a good name like: Waspys 2116024
  3. Either tap on each photo, tap "Select" to grab entire moments, or choose nothing at all yet, then click Done.


Adding photos you've taken to an existing album

  1. Photos > Albums > Select > Add
  2. Either tap on each photo or tap "Select" to grab entire moments, then click Done.


Going forward when you are choosing photos upload to Procore, you will now see that you can go right to that album instead of having to scroll through "All Photos."

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