How to Format an Excel Spreadsheet as a Table

This document is intended to show users how to format a data set as a table in Excel.

First, open your excel document.


Once open select the top left cell of the data set


Next, scroll to the bottom of the data set Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard, then Click in the bottom right cell of the data you want to format as a table


Make sure that you're on the Home tab, then click "Format as Table"


Select a table design, this is completely up to you what color scheme you want.


A box will appear. Check "My table has headers" if your data already has a header column, like the one pictured, and you selected it. Click OK


Now your data should be in a table. You can click the arrow in each column header and see Values that can be selected and de-selected as necessary. You can also choose to sort in this box. This will arrange the table data by this column.


Once you've selected the data you want to see click OK


Your table will display the results


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