Print to PDF in JDE

Do this before creating a desktop shortcut

If you haven't done so already, print what you are wanting in PDF format, to the Printer: PDF



One-time set up to create a desktop shortcut

Go to Start > type \\sendsm > press enter 

it'll pop up a login box 

Type in the user name box sendsm\your username e.g. sendsm\zrice and your JDE password in the password box select the check box to remember your credentials > Press OK 

Another window will open > Go to the PDF Folder

Find your folder

Right click on your folder > go to Send To > select Desktop (create shortcut)

You'll now have access to your JDE PDF folder.


Retrieving your PDF print going forward

Double click on your new shortcut and sign in when prompted.

If you don't see the file appear, press F5 to refresh.


* Feel free to rename the file to something more meaningful before emailing it to someone or storing it long term

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