Password Rules

Seneca Companies' password requirements are as follows:

  • Passwords cannot contain your First or Last name, or your user name
  • Passwords must be a minimum of 16 characters
  • Passwords must be stronger, using 3 of these 4 groups: Upper case, lower case, numeric, or non-alphanumeric
  • The previous 3 passwords are remembered and cannot be reused
Suggested reading: Password Help
NOTE: Even though the password does not expire, you may change it at any time if you'd like. Keep in mind to change it on your Android/iPhone as well.
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    Jeremy Allen

    Just incase some of you arent aware of how to change your password if you have a Windows Based PC and you are currently logged in you can hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE and get to the screen where you can change your password. (it is i beleive the 4th option down on the list.) Or you can wait til the next time you go to logon to your PC and there is an option to change it there as well.

    I am not aware of how to change it on either the new thin clients or the old citrix units.

    Just lending a helping TECHIE hand.

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    Kevin Taber

    Yes, pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE  and choosing "Change a password" will work on workstations and laptops.


    The newer thin clients you have to press CTRL+ALT+END