How do I connect to the Cisco VPN

Service techs may use the following link to install the VPN client. All other employees will need to open a support ticket and have IT install it for you.

Use Internet Explorer:

USERNAME: YourWindowsAccount   (no domain\ needed)

PASSWORD: YourWindowsPassword


The first time you login, you will be prompted to install the ActiveX component of the client.

Once the install has finished, It will have placed a shortcut in your system tray by the clock. You won't need to use the web link going forward. If it needs a connection address, use:


IMPORTANT: This new VPN is more secure than the old. When you are connected to this VPN, you will not have access to the Internet.


Use cases for our VPN

  • Astea
  • JD Edwards (AS400)
  • Network shared drives
  • Remote laptops changing their Windows passwords
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