How do I change my Windows password

The steps to change your Windows password depend on what type of connection you use. Also, when changing your password, don't forget to update your phone, or tablet, with the new one.


Thin client / RDS Users
Press CTRL+ALT+END and choose Change a password...

*The above is not meant for thin clients with generic logins

Desktop Users
Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choose Change a password... OR Change your password (Windows 7 vs Windows XP)

Laptop Users
Same as above for Desktop Users. However, if you are not on a Seneca network you will need to connect to our VPN. If you don't have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software, please email support. VPN directions


Password rules

Passwords cannot contain your First or Last name or your user name
Passwords must be a minimum of 12 characters
Passwords must be stronger, using 3 of these 4 groups: Upper case, lower case, numeric, or non-alphanumeric (symbol)
The previous 3 passwords are remembered and cannot be reused

Also, it is important not to use this password anywhere else. We want your Windows password to be unique!

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