When is RDS not available?

Ever wonder why you have to save your work and log off of your thin client each day before going home from work?

As a best practice we reboot the RDS infrastructure each day at 4am. This 3 minute or less downtime, limits the impact on our normal hours of operation, with one exception; Sunday mornings.

On Sunday mornings, our RDS servers still reboot at 4am, but the file server that stores your user profile data is offline for a weekly scan. That being said, RDS is unavailable on Sundays from 6am thru 10:00am.


RDS Availabilty Summary

Monday - Saturday: Reboots for 3 min at 4:00am

Sunday: Reboots for 3 min at 4:00am but is offline from 6:00am thru 10:00am.

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