How do I make an expense report using Certify

Processing Expense Reports

Login to and head to the section labeled "Get Started."
Select the Mobile option, and click the link for Process Receipts Wizard.



The next page will ask you if you want to create a new expense report and add to an existing.



Next, name your expense report something meaningful to you, and enter the Start and End Dates:



Now you at the point where attention to detail is crucial!  While the Autofill feature works most of the time, you will need to double check key fields like the date and amount from the receipt. (If you have more than one receipt to process, just to the left of the Save and Exit button, is the Next button.)



Submitting Your Expenses For Approval

Once you have entered in all your expenses for the week, it is now time to submit them to your manager for approval.

This can either be done immediately after you process your receipts or you can log in at any later time to complete this step.


For this example, I will demonstrate the steps as if you just logged in to Certify.


Once logged in you will see the section labeled "My Expense Reports", click on the Drafts link:



You will now see expenses that you need to submit for approval. Under the Actions column, click the report icon to the left of the red X:



On this page you will see a summary of all the expenses on your report. Click the link Submit for Approval.



You will be prompted to deem the report as truthful and accurate:



Select your manager's name from the list of approvers, and click Next:



Click Next on the Approval Notification Preview and the process is complete!



You can ignore the next page as it is optional:



Approval and Payment Pending

On the home page, under the area labeled My Expense Reports, you can see your reports that are awaiting approval from your manager and reports that are going to hit your bank account via ACH.


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