How do I use FileZilla

If you are a service technician and you want to download a file/folder from the T drive, then FileZilla FTP Client is the tool for the job.


Extract the .zip file to C:\ and run the FileZillaPortable.exe application.


Once you have it open, just underneath the File menu at the top left, click the drop-down arrow to list the site connections.


If you are not at the office, choose Seneca Service External to establish a connection to the FTP server.


You will now notice FileZilla is separated into 2 sides, local site (on the left) and remote site (on the right). The T drive is the remote site.



If you chose to add files to the queue, click Transfer at the top, and select Process Queue (CTRL+P).


The same concept applies to add files to the T drive. Just reverse the concept by right-clicking a file on the left pane, your local PC, and choose Upload.

The file will go to the path shown on the remote site side.

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