How to reserve a conference room

When you want to use one of the conference rooms, you need to make sure to invite the room to the meeting. This allows you to reserve the room and prevent others from double booking it.

Scheduling a meeting

  • Outlook > Calendar
  • In the ribbon bar at the top, arrange the calendar by "Work Week"
  • Right-click on time slot > New Meeting Request
  • Add attendees' names using To...
  • Set a meeting subject
  • If the location needs to be a conference room, click Rooms...
  • Adjust the start and end time
  • Switch to scheduling assistant, found in the ribbon bar, to avoid double booking people and rooms. This will show you if something is already booked to that room for that date/time.


You should always use the scheduling assistant to avoid conflicts.
Your meeting cannot exceed 1440 minutes, which is 24 hours.

Recurring meetings

The room will auto-accept, or decline, based upon it's availability. A recurring series will decline entirely for any of these 3 scenarios:

  • If more than 4 room invites are declined
  • If more than 40% of room invites are declined (Example: If 2 out of 4 room conflicts occur, then whole series is declined)
  • The recurring meeting exceeded 180 days out

You will receive emails stating which meetings were approved and which ones were declined. You can then schedule normal meetings for your declined instances..obviously with a different time or place.


Tip for recurring monthly meetings

When scheduling a monthly re-occurring meeting, set it to end after 5 occurrences.

How to video

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