Astea Mobile app issues

Maybe there was a recent update to the app itself, or a server-side update, and you are having issues logging in or you are experiencing strange app behavior.

Below are some steps to take to remedy the issue:


Application is locked up and won't respond to touch

Press the Home button two times quickly, in the preview of apps find Astea Mobile and swipe up on the preview to close it. That will force quit the app. Then try re-opening the app.


issue or app error message

Method 1

Perform a switch user, power off the iPad, power it back on, sign back in to Astea Mobile.


Method 2

Settings > Astea Mobile > Reset App

Now open Astea Mobile and you will have to sign in and input the server address:


iPad or iPhone is completely unresponsive

If your device doesn't light up, or respond to any button presses, then you can force it to reboot by simultaneously holding the Power and Home buttons until the Apple logo is displayed. (This takes about 10+ seconds)

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