CrashPlan backup software by Code42

CrashPlan is always running on your laptop, however, for a successful backup to occur, certain conditions need to be met:

  1. Laptop needs to be signed into Windows and not asleep.
  2. Laptop needs to be connected to the Internet, but not your iPhone/iPad's personal hotspot. (Hotspots' SSIDs ending in iPhone or iPad are ignored)

*The screen can be locked to keep people out while you're away from your desk.

(Windows key + L)


How to check if CrashPlan has updated

Bottom right corner of your PC you should see an icon with C on it

Click on it's icon and select "Run backup now" as shown below in blue:


This will start the backup Process of your Laptop and to make sure your files on your Laptop have been backed up.


What CrashPlan backs up

The application is pre-configured to backup folders and files in the following places:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Favories
  • Pictures

Items inside of OneDrive are already sync'd to Microsoft, and do not require extra backup steps.


Why am I getting Backup Alert! emails from Code42

If you don't let CrashPlan finish a backup, then after 5 days you will get a warning email from Code42, the application's parent company. After 7 days without a backup, an additional critical email notification will be sent.

Tip: Keep your laptop from going to sleep:

  • Click Start > just start typing: power options
  • Click Show additional plans > choose: High performance
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