BI Publisher - Service WIP Errors

Log in to BI Publisher > go to Catalog

Select Shared Folders > Select JDE Reports > Select Service

Find the item labeled “Service WIP DM” > Click Edit

Click the tab labeled “Data”

Click the Drop down box next to “Rows” > Select “All” > Click “Export”


A box will appear at the bottom of the web page > Select “Save”

New options will appear in the box > Click the drop down arrow next to “Open”

Select “Open with”


Another box will pop up > Select Ntepad++ > Click OK

Another Window will open that looks like the following picture > The arrow is the “Row Number” and the Box is the Work Order number


To find out which Work Order is the problem go back to the Internet Explorer window with BI Publisher open > instead of click “Export”, this time click “View”

When there is an error a message will display here that tells you which Row to look at in Notepad++ > go back to Notepad++ > go to that row number and look at the work order number there

Then log in to JDE and the work order description and fix the errors there.

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