Broken or missing iPhone or iPad

Lost or stolen devices

If you lost your iPad, the first thing you should do is inform your manager, log into iCloud to enable Lost Mode (see below), or try to use the Find my iPhone feature. Time is of the essence as you may have limited battery life. Within Find my iPhone, you can set a message to appear on the screen so that if someone finds it, they know how to contact you. If you cannot find it, your manager will create a support ticket.


As soon as possible put your phone into Lost Mode. This puts a phone number on the screen for someone to call us if they find it. The number you use can be your manager's, or someone by you with a phone.


Damaged devices - broken screens

If you physically damaged your screen, you should take it to a local repair store. The cost is usually minimal, and is on your own dime. Google search iPhone screen repair and your city and usually there are multiple options. Batteries Plus even does them same day.

If more than the screen is broken, please notify your manager and they will create a support ticket with us.

Lost, stolen, or totally ruined phone costs

There is a $150 fee you will pay for the first replacement within 2 years, and if you break/lose it a 2nd time, you have to pay the full replacement amount which is approximately $450-$550 for most Apple devices. Your phone should not be left in a vehicle as that is the number one place they get stolen.

When do I get a new device in general

When your device has reached 2 years of age, your manager can create a support ticket to get it replaced.

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