Lenovo System Update

Those of you who have Lenovo laptops, not Panasonic, will want to check your Lenovo System Updates at least quarterly.


WARNING: Before you begin, make sure your laptop is plugged in! Do not power your laptop off, or close the lid during these updates. IF you use a dock, please open the lid of the laptop when running the tool.


Click Start and scroll down to the L section and you should see the app in the "lenovo" folder.



If you are prompted about Sharing info with Lenovo, you can click "No thanks" or "Not now"... depending on how they word it.


After the several minute scan for updates finishes, check "Select all" for each of the three categories shown below, and click Next.


Most of the time the updates require a reboot to complete the installation. After the reboot, it is best to re-run Lenovo System Update again to make sure there aren't any outstanding updates after the first round. We've seen it take up to three rounds on equipment that hasn't been updated in awhile.



If you think that Lenovo System Update is hung up on a particular update, there is a known issue with one of the hard drive firmware updates... the window to continue is minimized, or behind the other window, and you have to click on the drive and then tell it to proceed.

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