Mitel - Taking calls from anywhere or forwarding your calls

Our Mitel phone system allows us to take calls anywhere we have an Internet connection.


Working from an office

Desk phone - model 6930 (most likely to be used in the office)

Mitel Connect softphone (take calls using your PC - mic+speaker/headset)

Mitel Connect mobile app (Building loses power and you're in a hunt group that needs to answer calls)


Working remotely

Mitel Connect is configured to forward calls to a mobile (shown below in screenshots)

Mitel Connect softphone - (hunt group members like dispatch, sales, and parts)

Mitel Connect mobile app - (hunt group members or those who are remote and prefer this app instead of using it on a PC)


App configuration - launch at startup of the PC

Automatically launch Mitel Connect when starting the computer (Recommended: Enabled)




Forward calls to your cell phone. Unanswered calls will land on your cell phone's voice mail.

Example: Ring your desk phone 2x and then send the call to your cell phone


After reaching the settings page as shown above follow these next steps:










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